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Wong Sui Yang.

Sui Yang

Level | UX


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I am an aspiring level designer that strives to craft interesting, meaningful, and easy-to-understand levels that players would be able to immerse themselves in. I also enjoy working on UI/UX design, 3D asset creation, and lighting on the sides. 

UI | UX Design

Peek into my mind on how I approach UI/UX design as I take on multiple types of projects with re-designs of challenging software/apps.

Level Design

Take a glimpse into my thought and work process on the different levels I have created as I journey through the path of a level designer.

Cinematic & 3D Lighting

Look into the worlds that were brought to life via lighting and set design for a short cinematic.


I enjoy solving problems and storytelling when it comes to creating engaging and memorable experiences in games. My current interest and specializations are Level design, UI/UX design, and narrative design. Being a very detailed oriented person I always ensure that I have done extensive research before executing anything.


In addition, I also have a background in art as I study animation before I took on the path in games.

Overall I am a team player and a strong believer that giving and receiving constructive feedback is the key to creating a great experience for the player.

During my spare time, I like to dabble in music composition as well as playing the guitar.

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