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Wong Sui Yang.



Go on a journey with the Cheng in the snowy mountain in seeking the sacred temple to save his son from sickness. But little did he know the encounter with the supernatural would be his last.


This short cinematic follows the main character Cheng as he ventures into the snowy mountain in search of the sacred temple said to be able to grant any wishes. In desperation to save his son, his only way is to go into the temple for help. During his journey, he had troubles finding his way through the mountains and came across an eccentric old man. He decided to ask the old man for directions, but little did he know it would be his last moments.


:   04

:   10 Weeks

[Made With]

Roles & Contribution

Lighting Artist

Set Designer

Set Design & Lighting

As the story takes place on a snowy mountain, my main goal is to get a believable environment so I did some research to look into real-life alpine mountains and how foilage will look like in the snow. I also look at different rock formations on mountain feet in the alps to set up different terrain heights. As the character will be running in a loop trying to find his way out my goal is to set up different landmarks. 

The next thing that I try to do is to make a gradual change in the environment from natural to slowly consist of man-made objects.

As the story involves flashbacks to tell a story, I decided that we should go with a day and night setting where we would use daylights for the flashback moments and night for what is currently happening in real-time. I also made use of light shafts to bring out points of interest in the scene. 

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