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Wong Sui Yang.


A multiplayer co-operation game where four players come together to sail the seas hunting sea monsters for riches and treasures

For a more detailed breakdown and analysis of the entire project, I welcome you to download the analysis document as well as the style guide provided in the links below.


This was a project that was created as part of a UI/UX module in Digipen where the goal was to have high-resolution mockups at the end of 3 weeks. We were given the freedom to come up with a software, application, or game. As I have an upcoming game project involving multiplayer, I decided to take the opportunity to work on the UI and UX earlier.

I broke down the different menus that the players will have to go through while playing the game:

  • Start Menu

  • Main Menu

  • Game Mode Menus

  • Pause Menu

  • Game Lobby Menu

  • Player Invitation Menu

  • In-Game Popups

Start Menu

Main Menu

Game Mode Menus

Game Lobby Menu

Pause Menu

Invite Menu


Embark on a voyage as part of an unlikely crewmate and aid your captain in defeating exotic sea creatures while coordinating with your fellow crew members to ensure the ship is battle-ready at all times.

Disclaimer: This project was done beforehand based on an upcoming game project before it started. Therefore, the art assets for the characters and the background used for the [Start Menu] & [Player Lobby] are all placeholders from the game [Plunder Pirates] which are used for strictly illustration purposes only. I do not own these characters and backgrounds. Otherwise, everything else is created by me.


:   01

:   03 Weeks

[Made With]

Roles & Contribution

UI Artist

UX Designer

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