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Wong Sui Yang.



A 3D project used to showcase how I take on the challenge of making a combat level specially tuned for shooting games.

Level Design

- Door Problem

When making an arena, even after giving players items to prepare them for a big fight, a player would still feel reluctant to enter the room if they see a flat arena with nothing but enemies or if they cannot see anything before entering the combat arena. Such an arena has too many unknowns and would cause the player to find and hide in the safest spot. In order to counter such things from happening, I made sure that the player can have a sneak peek at what is to come before they enter. I also added a foothold of covers so as to give players safe space in the room to look around and keep out of the enemy's sight while devising a plan on how they would fight.

- Hidden Information

I hid enemies within areas that the player has to find in order to progress, this is also to not intimidate the player with too many enemies at one time.

- Creating Frontlines

Throughout the level, I made it so that the player goes in a circular motion and whichever direction they go within the map, there is always clear frontlines that the player can see. As shown, the center area would be a no man's land so that the space is easier to read and I can keep the combat tidy.

As the AIs are very basic in this level, I also made use of the AI leashing method there ranged enemies are on a higher plane so they are trapped in that area.


In this project, I dive into different types of techniques that can be used to help build interesting arenas as well as how to tackle different problems when designing a combat room.


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:   10 Weeks

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Roles & Contribution

Level Designer

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