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Wong Sui Yang.



A 3D project was made to showcase how I take on the challenge of adding player guidance within a maze level.

Level Design


In this maze-level project, one of the key methods of player guidance that was used would be the technique of color. Within the level, I intentionally used the color orange which would give the impression of warmth and safety to a person to mark out the main path towards the exit gate.

As there are collectibles within the level, I used different colors to mark out areas where an item can be found, especially key items that were needed to open the exit gate. Next, I kept paths that usually do not lead anywhere or to a dead end with grey. This is so that the path has a lower chance to catch the player's attention unless the player wants to explore it on purpose.

However, there is a special toxic area that is green in color, usually green color would mean that it is a safe area to go towards, in this case, a simple toxic decal would greatly help in warning the player that it is dangerous.


Another method that I always use would be the use of lighting. Lights are one of the easiest ways to get a player's attention so that they are drawn to move towards the lighted area. As shown in the image above, I only light up areas that are colored. This way the player's goals and objectives can be made obvious to them as they progress through the level. This could also help the player in knowing that they are somewhat on the correct path even though it is a maze.

Within the level, I also added animated lights that would point in a certain direction so that the player can head toward the area with confidence. It can also be used to point out important things that are scattered within the level.

Leading Lines & Layering

Lines can be used to pull the player's attention in a certain direction. Vertical lines pull the attention upwards while horizontal pull the attention sideways.  Throughout the level, I added many of these leading lines such as pipes and cables on the wall and ceilings to guide the player toward the main path. 

I made use of layering within the level so that when a player progresses through the level, they are made aware of the relationship between one room to another within that location.


In this project, I dive into different types of techniques that can be used to help guide a player even if the level is meant to be confusing, it would often cause the player frustration if they get completely lost. This is not something that we would want even if it is meant to be.


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Level Designer

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