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Wong Sui Yang.



A quirky first person on-rails experience where tiny aliens
invade your backyard causing utter pandemonium.

Level Design

As it is an on-rails shooter game, there are many pros & cons when it comes to designing the levels. One of the big advantages that we had was that the game can be split into different segments by giving a very specific timing to each encounter that happens within the level.


We also broke down each aspect such as locations, cutscene descriptions, gimmicks, synopsis, mechanics, and narrative in the level design document so that we can use it to plan out the intensity curves as well as the story.

Segments & Greybox

As the level has been broken down into segments, a grey box can be done easily for the initial prototype and adjustments are much easier to do due to how clear each segment is separated. We could then test out how each segment feels and see if there is anything that feels too long or empty.

Player Guidance

For this project, the majority of the player guidance came down to colors, emissive objects, and leading lines as there are some limitations when it came to lighting due to the game being developed in a custom engine.

I tried to use very contrasting colors like red on green or blue on orange within the environment to mark out enemies and obstacles. Subtle leading lines are placed around the environment using pipes, wood planks, as well as grass that forms a feeling of a canopy that arches over the player.

As the levels move from an outdoor setting to a more industrial factory setting, I made use of color temperatures to give a gradual change in mood. I also made parts of the alien buildings be emissive with specific colors to lead the player's eyes towards the place the player has to go.

Set Design

The game starts out where the player goes from the character's backyard all the way into the alien's base. We wanted to show a transition of the alien base that gradually changes from cityscape into a factory where alien vehicles are being processed.

While designing the set, one of the challenges was to give a sense of space within each segment. After the lead designer has set what each segment would be, I set out to come up with some concepts like how a core room of whacky aliens would look like or how the processing plants will be set up. Another challenge was the need to do the concept while creating the environmental assets. Due to time constraints, I had to do both concurrently.


The professor has finally managed to prove that the earth is not round or flat but in fact square. However, just when he is about to send his proof to the board of scientists, a meteor crashed into his backyard which in turn destroyed his proof. It is revealed that the meteor contains these tiny aliens that came out and start invading his backyard.


Angered by this, he got into action to build an AI called Timmy and shrank himself while in a spaceship to destroy these tiny invaders.


:   10

:   26 Weeks

[Made With]

Roles & Contribution

Level Designer

Environment Artist

Set Designer

Voice Actor

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